January 2017 Tech-X Newsletter

VSim Enables Design of More Powerful Photonics-based Particle Accelerators

VSim Predicts Sheath Characteristics in Sputtering Magnetrons

New USim Algorithms Reproduce GEC Reference Cell Data for Inductively Coupled Plasmas

Tech-X Scientist Jonathan Smith Boosts PUFFIN Capabilities: Free Electron Laser Design Software Made More Sustainable

CERN Affiliate Yisel Martinez Palenzuela Wins EurISOL Poster Prize Using VSim

Tech-X Simulations by Jake King Find High-PerformanceQH-mode DIII-D Discharges without Deleterious Edge Modes

David Rimel, Tech-X Intern, Receives Quadruple Honors from CU Boulder

Plasma Sheath Formation in Self-Consistent Planar Cylindrical Magnetron Sputtering Simulation
Above: Watch highlights of magnetron sputtering simulations from Tech-X's AVS 63 presentation.
Read the article. Watch the video.
Fluctuation-induced Convective Correlations
Above: A poloidal cut of the tokamak showing three contour lines, each of density (blue) and temperature (red) overlaying pseudocolor contours of flow normal to then n=0 magnetic field.
Read the article. Watch the video.

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