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Boulder, Colorado - August 30, 2019:

Tech-X Corporation Presents Posters at 2019 North American Particle Accelerator Conference (NAPAC2019) 1-6 September 2019

Join Tech-X at NAPAC2019 for two poster sessions and visit us at Booth #131.

High-Performance Magnetostatic Solvers

B. M. Cowan, Michel de Messieres, "High-Performance Magnetostatic Solvers,” to be presented at the 2019 North American Particle Accelerator Conference, 1–6 September, 2019, Lansing, Michigan. Poster TUPLM35, Tuesday, September 3, 16:30–18:00.

Analysis of Multipacting using Field Scaled Particles in VSim

Diana M. Cheatham, Daniel Main, David N. Smithe, Seth Veitzer, Peter Stoltz, Jarrod Leddy, Ilya Zilberter, John R. Cary, "Analysis of Multipacting using Field Scaled Particles in VSim."  This presentation discusses field-scaled particles, which provide a method by which one can study multipacting at multiple values of the electromagnetic power in a single (non-self-consistent)simulation. Field-scaled particles are particles that can selectively respond to field strengths differently. Use of field-scaled particles requires that one have accurate surface fields, and appropriate secondary emission. To illustrate use of field-scaled particles, multipacting computations in both a coax and a spherical cavity are presented, showing that (1) correct surface fields are obtained, and (2) multipacting bands are visible in the simulation. These results are then compared with the more traditional simulation methods. This method is highly efficient and ideal for RF design optimization.

Magnetic Fields Image
Above: Magnetic Fields Visualization


VSim Multipacting Growth in Waveguide Image
Above: Multipacting Growth in Waveguide



Boulder, Colorado - August 29, 2019:

Tech-X Corporation Announces the Release of VSim 10

Simulate Field Emitter Arrays

Use VSim's radiation generation feature in design and manufacture of high power (terahertz) RF devices ranging from spectrometers to oscillators for applications in fields as diverse as biophysics and radio astronomy.  VSim for Microwave Devices accurately models particle beams with space charge, simple to complex field absorbers, and conformal dielectrics. Smith-Purcell radiation device simulation example included.

Full Wave Electromagnetics Plus Particle In Cell

VSim's Plasma Ionization feature can be used for simulating gas discharge tubes and gas phototubes.  Tech-X accurately models Plasma Ionization using Full Wave Electromagnetics plus Particle In Cell, with the most state-of-the-art reactions framework.  Townsend Discharge simulation example included.

VSim 10 Cavity Splash Screen


VSim Field Emitter Array image
Above: Field Emitter Array Simulated in VSim for Microwave Devices

Read the VSim 10 Release Notes.


New Example Simulations Included with VSim 10

  • Improved Electromagnetics example simulations: Dipole Antenna, Multimode Fiber Mode Calculation, Multimode Fiber Mode Extraction, Multimode Fiber with Mode Launcher, Dielectric in Electromagnetics, Dielectric in Electrostatics, and Ring Resonator. A new Drude Lorentz MIM Waveguide example demonstrates frequency dependent dielectric material simulation capabilities.
  • New Microwave Device example simulations: Smith-Purcell Radiation (SPR), Vaughan Secondary Electron Emission, and Laminar Brillouin Flow.

  • New Plasma Discharges example simulations: Townsend Avalanche, which demonstrates plasma discharge generation by establishing a voltage across a neutral gas.  Ion Source and Penning High Intensity Ion Source examples for emitting particles off arbitrarily shaped surfaces such as cathodes and anodes defined by any shapes that can be specified by CAD geometries.

    Read the VSim Examples documentation.

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Boulder, Colorado - July 25, 2018:
Tech-X will hold a VSim physics simulation software workshop in September at the 2018 International Conference on Electromagnetic Isotope Separators and Related Topics (EMIS XVIII) in Geneva, Switzerland from September 16-21.
Dr. Jonathan Smith from Tech-X will provide a brief introduction to the principles and algorithms behind particle in cell simulations. There will be a demonstration of the VSim software to kinetically model a low temperature/technological discharge plasma, and an opportunity to follow along on your own laptop and test problems of more interest to your own research. If you would like to follow along or try VSim yourself with a free temporary license and software download, please contact us.

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