Tech-X Announces VSim 6.2.6 Release

Boulder, Colorado - November 4, 2013:

Tech-X Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of VSim v6.2.6, bringing VSim users the latest version of simulation software to solve their most challenging problems. VSim 6.2.6 is an incremental release that addresses the following:
  • Improved handling of license files in user interface.

  • Improved remote execution and visualization.

  • Corrected Z-component of the scattering angle calculation for ion-neutral collisions.

  • Enables evaluating multiple arguments simultaneously for results of <Term>s in <UserFunc>s or <Expression>s.

More about VSim.

If you are a VSim customer with a current VSim v6 license, we can provide a download of this new release at no charge. Customers running a version of Vorpal or VSim older than VSim v6 may be subject to upgrade fees. To request your upgrade to VSim v6.2.6, please contact Tech-X Sales.

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