Tech-X Corporation Releases USim v2.0

Boulder, Colorado - January 10, 2014:

Tech-X is proud to announce the release of USim v2.0 for solving coupled fluid-plasma problems on unstructured meshes. USim v2.0 includes a variety of new features such as:

  • Ability to simulate spacecraft radio communications blackout in three-dimensions from first principles
  • Ability to simulate arc plasma torches on axisymmetric unstructured meshes
  • Fast parallel parsing of 3D unstructured meshes using the open-standard ExodusII file format from Sandia National Labs
  • New three-dimensional Poisson solvers that can handle linear, non-linear and anisotropic coefficients
  • Two-equation turbulence models for unstructured meshes
  • Improved algorithms for magnetohydrodynamics, species collisions, ablation and user defined chemistry tables
  • Improved user interface including remote visualization and vector analysis, along with improved run diagnostics and licensing controls.


For more details about USim v2.0, including demonstrations of solver capabilities, see the USim product information.

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