Tech-X is Part of the NASA Europa Clipper SUDA Team

Boulder, Colorado - May 27, 2015:

Tech-X Corporation is proud to be part of the SUDA team. SUDA, the SUrface Dust Mass Analyzer, is one of nine instruments approved by NASA for the Europa Clipper mission.

Using SUDA, scientists will be able to determine the composition of Europa's surface and ocean, and therefore whether life is possible on Europa. SUDA will capture and analyze solid particles released by meteorites and map the particles to the surface. This instrument is open to the elements by design, which also exposes its electronics to the very harsh Jovian radiation. Tech-X will perform radiation calculations and assist LASP with designing the shielding that will enable the instrument's electronics to function and survive the flight without making the relevant payload too heavy.

Tech-X Corporation is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. Read the Boulder Daily Camera report, CU-Boulder lands instrument on upcoming NASA mission to Europa: Jovian moon thought to be strong bet to host extraterrestrial life.

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