Tech-X Releases GPULib 1.8

Boulder, Colorado – 2 February 2015: Tech-X Corporation announces the release of GPULib 1.8.

GPULib 1.8 has been released with updates to the underlying libraries as well as many other features in many areas of the library. It has been updated to use the most recent versions of IDL and CUDA, IDL 8.4 and CUDA 6.5. The new features are:

  • Support for integer data types. Now GPULib supports all the numeric types provided by IDL! You can do: dx = gpuIndgen(10)

  • Added `GPUREPMAT` routine. This is a handy routine to create a new array by repeating a 2-dimensional array in a grid.

  • Added `GPUCREATEKERNEL` routine to create the source code of a simple kernel. This is a code generation routine that can be loaded with `GPULOADMODULE`/`GPULOADFUNCTION` and executed with `GPUEXECUTEFUNCTION`.

  • Added `GPUFINITE` routine similar to IDL's library routine.

  • Added linear algebra routines `GPULUDC`, `GPULUSOL`, and `GPULEAST_SQUARES`. This fills out more of the GPU equivalent of the convenience routines provided by IDL so that the LAPACK interface of MAGMA is not required to perform linear algebra computations.

  • Added support for `RHO` and `THETA` keywords in `GPURADON`.

  • Added `GPUMEAN` routine. This routine has `DIMENSION` and `NAN` keywords with the same functionality as IDL's library routine.
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