VSim Used in First Successful Demonstration of Compact, Laser-driven Particle Accelerator

Boulder, Colorado - October 1, 2013:

Tech-X VSim software was used in the design of a compact, laser-driven particle accelerator featured in a Nature article published in the latest issue.

A collaboration including Stanford University, the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, UCLA, and Tech-X Corporation reported the first observation of high-gradient acceleration of electrons in a dielectric laser accelerator. The accelerator structure was fabricated on a wafer using integrated circuit fabrication technology, making it the first demonstrated "accelerator on a chip."

Researchers harnessed VSim's unique capabilities to perform full-scale simulations of the acceleration process. VSim modeled high-energy electrons and laser fields self-consistently throughout the entire structure, over 1000 optical wavelengths long. Taking advantage of VSim's parallel capability, researchers used a supercomputer to perform the simulation, with 50 million particles, on 384 processor cores. VSim software can be used to simulate the most complex electromagnetic problems, from antenna design to photonics to semiconductors.

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