Boulder, Colorado - February 7, 2017:

PSim Enables Researchers to Simulate ABC Star-copolymers to Study the Differences Between Bulk and Surface Behavior


ABC Star Neutral-Pore Confine Illustration


PSim is an object-oriented framework that simulates phase morphologies of dense block copolymers melt systems. PSim quickly solves the numerical self-consistent field theory (SCFT) equations for modeling copolymers.

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Tech-X Corporation is pleased to announce the publication of research results by PSim users in the ACS Macromolecules article, "Bulk and Surface Morphologies of ABC Miktoarm Star Terpolymers Composed of PDMS, PI, and PMMA Arms" by Sergey Chernyy, Jacob Judas Kain Kirkensgaard, Jyoti P. Mahalik, Hyeyoung Kim, Matthias M. L. Arras, Rajeev Kumar, Bobby G. Sumpter, Gregory S. Smith, Kell Mortensen, Thomas P. Russell, and Kristoffer Almdal.

PSim is used to simulate ABC star-copolymers in bulk and in thin-film geometries. The results in PSim are used to validate dissipative particle dynamics (DPT) simulations and experimental observations.

PSim's flexible setup capabilities, enabled by advanced object-oriented design, allowed researchers to simulate the specific ABC star-copolymers in the study and the differences between bulk and surface behavior is enabled by PSim's ability to include the effects of surfaces in a straightforward manner.


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