ptsolve logo 200px PTSolve is the Tech-X-supported Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation. The PTSolve bundled PETSc package is both easier to install and easier to use than PETSc. Tech-X has packaged PTSolve for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms with 3 different FORTRAN compilers. PTSolve is supported by Tech-X Corporation.

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PTSolve Gives You More Than PETSc Alone

  • Automated system for building and packaging PETSc, associated dependencies, and associated math libraries
  • Beginner’s documentation for Vectors, Matrices, Linear Solvers (ksp), Nonlinear Solvers (snes), and Timestepping Solvers (ts)
  • A bundled PETSc for various configurations and two external packages (HYPRE and SuperLU) that is obtainable from a Tech-X subscription download.



  • Double precision/debug builds
  • 1-click installers
  • Free updates of minor revisions
  • API documentation
  • Community support
  • External packages
  • Optimized builds
  • Complex builds
  • Tutorial documentation
  • Email support
  • CUDA builds
  • 4 hours phone support for compiling and linking
  • Free updates of major revisions within a year
  • Discounted support for consulting
  • Individual, 5-user bundle, and unlimited licenses available

PTSolve Release Notification

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