Tech-X CEO John R. Cary Discusses Use of Computation for Understanding Plasmas in MIPSE Video Interview

Boulder, Colorado - July 24, 2019:
Professor Cary, below, discussed Use of Computation for Understanding Plasmas in a
for the Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering Fundamentals of Plasmas Series.


, Prof. John R. Cary explains how computer simulations are a form of virtual reality. Dr. Cary explains that by using computer simulations, you can solve the very complex equations that describe how plasmas form and interact with matter, and virtually sit inside the plasma. These computer simulations not only provide insights on the very basic plasma physics, but can also be used to design technology devices that use plasmas.

John Cary is CEO and co-founder of Tech-X Corporation, as well as Professor of Physics at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  Dr. Cary received his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. He previously worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Institute for Fusion Studies at the University of Texas. Dr. Cary’s recent service to the physics community includes being associate editor for Reviews of Modern Physics, being on the Executive Committees of the Division of Plasma Physics and the Division of Beam Physics of the American Physical Society where he is currently chair of the Division of Plasma Physics. He has advised PhD and Masters degree students and taught at all university levels. A frequently invited speaker, Professor Cary’s interests are in computational physics, including algorithm development and modern approaches, beam physics, plasma physics, nonlinear dynamics, and electromagnetics of structures. Professor Cary is a fellow of the American Physical Society with over 170 refereed publications. John Cary has received awards including the Buneman Award for Visualization, the John Dawson Prize for Numerical Simulation of Plasmas, and the IEEE NPSS Charles K. Birdsall Award for Contributions to Computational Nuclear and Plasma Sciences, as well as the senior level IEEE NPSS PAST Award.

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