Tech-X Presents Multiple Posters at PPC 2017 in Brighton, UK

Boulder, Colorado - June 5, 2017:

Tech-X Presents Poster at PPC 2017 in Brighton, UK

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June 18-22, 2017


Tech-X scientists will present posters at the 21st IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference in Brighton, United Kingdom.

Jonathan Smith will present the poster Modelling the Mechanism of Multipactor Suppression through Novel Laser Engineered Structures in Poster Session III - Particle Beam and Accelerator Technologies - Hall 4/Cambridge on Wednesday, 21 June, 13:30-15:00. The poster will be located on Poster Board 30.

Kristian Beckwith will present the poster Benchmarking Multi-Fluid Plasma Electromagnetic Models for Pulsed Power Applications  on Monday, 19 June, 13:30-15:00 in Poster Session I - High Power Microwaves, RF Sources and Antennas - Hall 4/Cambridge. The poster will be located on Poster Board 34.

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