USim for Basic Simulations

USimBasicSimColor Perfect for learning basic fluid flow problems involving neutral and fully ionized gases.


USim flow over forward facing step density simulation

USim for Basic Simulations examples and documentation demonstrating basic fluid flow, including shocks and instabilities, as well as meshing capabilities, including regular, body-fitted, and unstructured, reduce your learning curve and ensure faster results.



  • Inviscid, compressible fluid flow for neutral gas (Euler equations)
  • Compressible fluid flow for fully ionized gas in the magnetohydrodynamic limit (Ideal MHD equations)
  • Ideal Gas equation of state

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Example Simulations Included


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A fluid plasma modeling framework that simulates the dynamics of charged fluids or neutrals.  More...

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Solve basic fluid flow problems involving neutral and fully ionized gases.  More...

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Model complex flows for hypersonic flight in applications such as hypersonic flight, scram jet design, and reentry vehicles.  More...

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Model complex lab plasmas in applications such as magnetic reconnection, plasma liner experiments, and plasma accelerators.  More...


USim packages provide you with a diverse range of relevant examples, macros and the powerful graphical user interface to the simulation engine, together with embedded analysis tools. Functionality is collected in common packages to provide the pricing flexibility and convenience you want. Custom packages are also available to give even more flexibility in pricing. See the USim Features Matrix.

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Product Datasheets

USim Product Brochure

USim for Basic Simulations Datasheet

USim for Hypersonics Datasheet

USim for HEDP Datasheet 


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