USim for Hypersonics

USimHScolor For modeling complex flows for hypersonic flight in applications such as hypersonic flight, scram jet design, and reentry vehicles.


USim RAMC re-entry vehicle simulation

USim for Hypersonics examples and documentation demonstrating Navier-Stokes equations, including reaction chemistry, as well as accelerators for time-integration of chemistry, viscous, and conductivity operators, reduce your learning curve and ensure faster results.



  • Navier-Stokes viscosity and thermal conductivity with anisotropic viscous coefficients
  • Reaction Chemistry
  • Accelerators for time-integration of chemistry, viscous, and conductivity operators
  • Multi temperature compressible flow
  • Multiple Species
  • Real Gas Equation of State
  • General Equation of State

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Example Simulations Included

USim Radio Communication Blackout simulation animations:

7 Species Simulation

The first USim Radio Communication Blackout simulation shows 7 species (including ionization) reacting flow at 7650m/s over a cylinder at 61 km altitude. This is a 2D simulation.

In the 7 Species simulation, an electromagnetic plane wave with 0.5 GHz frequency is excited at the left boundary, reflecting off of the plasma layer, which forms as a result of the flow over the cylinder. The simulation demonstrates radio communication blackout, which is a phenomena that occurs during re-entry, and coupling between a high speed reacting flow and a full electromagnetic simulation inside USim.

Electric Field in the Y Direction from Shockwave

Near "equilibrium" in the reacting flow simulation, Maxwell's equations are turned on along with multi-fluid electromagnetic algorithms and the time step drops to resolve the speed of light. The algorithm steps over the plasma frequency. In this simulation the electric field in the Y direction is plotted. It is observed that the field does not pass through the regions of high electron density, illustrating radio communication blackout.

Electric Field in the X Direction from Shockwave

The electric field in the X direction is created due to reflection off of the plasma layer. This video shows the x component of the electric field.

Formation of NO

This simulation shows the formation of NO as a result of the shockwave over the cylinder. NO number density is plotted in MKS units. In the process electrons are also formed during the ionization of NO.


RAMC Reentry Module Simulation

The second USim Radio Communication Blackout simulation (USim RAMC Reentry Module simulation), shows electromagnetic wave propagation through the plasma layer on RAMC reentry module.  This simulation was performed for the flight conditions: 61 km altitude, Mach 23 at 15° angle of attack.

RAMC Reentry Module Simulation

This simulation shows the plasma density distribution and EM wave propagation around the RAMC reentry module. The peak density of the plasma is observed near the stagnation region of the nose cap, where highest temperatures exist. The EM wave shown in the animation with red and blue contours, corresponding to positive and negative amplitudes, propagates uninterrupted until it reaches the plasma layer of RAMC. The wave is then reflected by plasma as shown in the XY and XZ cut planes. The EM wave reflects when the plasma frequency reaches the EM wave frequency.


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USim packages provide you with a diverse range of relevant examples, macros and the powerful graphical user interface to the simulation engine, together with embedded analysis tools. Functionality is collected in common packages to provide the pricing flexibility and convenience you want. Custom packages are also available to give even more flexibility in pricing. See the USim Features Matrix.

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Product Datasheets

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USim for Basic Simulations Datasheet

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