VSimColor is a high performance electromagnetic code using the FDTD numerical method and also solves for particle motion and plasma physics kinetic equations.


VSim model of potential and dustVSim is a flexible, multiplatform, multiphysics software tool for running computationally intensive electromagnetic, electrostatic, magnetostatic, and plasma simulations in the presence of complex dielectric, magnetic, and metallic shapes. Switch easily between 1, 2 or 3 dimensions, and then watch your model run lightning fast using algorithms designed for the exacting demands of high performance computing systems, whether on your laptop or supercomputing cluster.

VSim can be used to simulate a variety of problems on regular, structured, orthogonal meshes with embedded boundaries (cut cells) for complex geometries, which can be imported from CAD models or constructed in the VSimComposer front end. Easily available Finite-Difference, Time-Domain (FDTD) methods allow rapid integration of the Maxwell equations in full or in approximate forms, such as electrostatics and magnetostatics. Self-consistent solutions in the presence of charged particles can be carried out using particle-in-cell methods and/or charge fluid methods. Post processing can be carried out using the built on analyzers, or users may write their own for easy incorporation into the VSim framework.

The advanced packages [Electromagnetics (EM), Microwave Devices (MD), Plasma Acceleration (PA), Plasma Discharges (PD), Semiconductor Devices (SD)] bring in the special capabilities needed for those application areas. These include high-order methods, cut cells, electron emission, both primary and secondary, dispersion control, sputtering, collisions, field ionization, and quasiparticle propagation. In combination, all packages provide a powerful tool covering a wide range of physics.

VSim with its packages can be used for everything from education about fundamental processes to advanced simulations of systems with complex shapes. All packages come with rich sets of examples to assist in initial usage. VSim easily installs and runs on the variety of systems available to students, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms.


From the World's Largest Supercomputing Facilities to You

In the early years of its development, VSim's physics engine was used to meet the needs of a variety of challenges for the United States government, including plasma acceleration, accelerator cavity modeling, and magnetic fusion studies. These challenging studies required thousands of processors at the nation's largest unclassified computing facilities.  Now you can perform the same simulation modeling on your workstation or cluster. 

science cover

September 30, 2004 cover of Nature shows VSim physics engine, Vorpal, results that were used to guide experimental success in plasma acceleration.

 Scalable Simulations

Since VSim supports massively parallel computing and scales to tens of thousands of processor cores, new problems that were previously unsolvable are now within reach. VSim works on Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X platforms. Our competitive pricing means that the more computing cores you need, the less you pay, whether you use batch computing on clusters, or large single computing jobs.

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Pay Only for the Functionality You Need


VSim packages provide the pricing flexibility and convenience you want.  Choose the package or set of packages that has the physics simulation functionality that you need.

VSim two stream instability simulation thumbnailVSim for Basic Simultaions logo
Perfect for learning basic electromagnetic, particle trajectory, and plasma physics. More...

VSim horn antenna model thumbnailVSim for Electromagnetics logo
Fast, Powerful FDTD for Electromagnetics that solves electromagnetic problems. More...

VSim klystron model thumbnailVSim for Microwave Devices logo
Electromagnetic and particle modeling features for magnetrons, klystrons, and More...

vsim capacitively coupled plasma 2D model thumbnailVSim for Plasma Discharges logo
Enables resolution of kinetic effects for discharges not observable in fluid simulations.  More...

VSim colliding laser pulse 3D model thumbnailVSim for Plasma Acceleration logo
Large-scale simulations of laser-plasma and beam-plasma acceleration experiments.  More...


VSim packages provide you with a diverse range of relevant examples, macros and the powerful graphical user interface to the simulation engine, together with embedded analysis tools. Functionality is collected in common packages to provide the pricing flexibility and convenience you want. Custom packages are also available to give even more flexibility in pricing. See the VSim Features Matrix.

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Online Tutorials

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VSim Training Courses at Tech-X

If you would like to be contacted when upcoming VSim training courses are scheduled, please contact us for training schedule notification.

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VSim Class Program for Universities

Tech-X offers a program to enable teaching professors the opportunity to pass along valuable computational skills to students by utilizing VSim to help teach the fundamentals of physics. Learn more.

Customized and Private Training

  • Courses are typically 3-4 days. See sample agendas for typical course contents.
  • Onsite training takes place at in Boulder, Colorado at Tech-X U.S. Headquarters.
Onsite Training Rates
  • Regular rate per trainee: $550/day.
Custom Training Rates
  • Discounts available for 10 or more trainees from a single institution.
  • Prices vary depending on degree of customization.
  • Offsite training costs include travel.
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