VSim Photonic Integrated Circuit Visualizations

Boulder, Colorado - March 31, 2017:

Tech-X Photonic Integrated Circuit Visualizations


March 31, 2017


Tech-X has developed tools for performing 3D simulations of components of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC). At the 2017 Optical Networking and Communication Conference and Exhibition,Tech-X presented movies that exhibit the geometrical construction of devices in VSim and the VisIt visualization of electromagnetic waves propagating through them. Example structures include a cladding-all-around dielectric waveguide, a microring resonator, and an arrayed waveguide grating (AWG). The visualizations demonstrate VSim’s capabilities of finding guided modes using EMpy as a mode solver, launching unidirectional waves to facilitate reflection calculations, absorbing waves at simulation boundaries using matched absorbing layers (MALs), and modeling devices with complex 3D geometries requiring millions of simulation cells.

Watch VSim Photonic Integrated Circuit visualizations on YouTube.


VSim Photonics Models

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