VSim Physics Simulation Software Training at the 2018 Tech-X Worldwide Simulation Summit

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Boulder, Colorado - July 9, 2018:
Tech-X will hold TWSS 2018 VSim physics simulation software training in August 2018 at Tech-X headquarters in Boulder, CO.

TWSS training offers an in-depth, comprehensive course on using VSim to simulate electromagnetic and plasma phenomenon and devices.

Learn all the parts you need to set up a simulation from scratch, write your own post-processing analysis script, and create stunning visualizations of simulation data from Tech-X’s experienced Application Engineers. Get an overview of VSim's underlying algorithms, and speak with world-class experts for insights on improving your simulations.

The training is offered at no cost to qualified registrants. Participants are invited to give presentations of their work with VSim.

This year's session is offered August 20–22 (Monday–Wednesday).

View the agenda.

Registration Application for TWSS 2018.

Questions? Contact Tech-X Sales Support.
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