Tech-X Corporation Announces the Release of VSim 8

Tech-X Corporation has released VSim 8, the newest edition of its multiphysics, electromagnetics, and self-consistent charged-particle solver. VSim uses particle-in-cell (PIC) and finite difference time domain (FDTD) methods.

VSim 8’s new graphical user interface (GUI) features an intuitive, tree-based simulation work flow and constructive solid geometry modeling with Boolean operations. VSim 8 can import CAD objects in STEP, STL, POLY, and VTK formats.

VSim 8 offers 17 new simulation object kinds, including Species, Particle Sources/Sinks, Emission Models, Histories, Field Updaters, Grids, Grid Boundaries, and Domains.

With VSim 8, Tech-X introduces a new VSim package, VSim for GaAs and Diamond Semiconductor Devices for modeling electron transport in Gallium arsenide and diamond.


vsim8 landing page graphic

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