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Tech-X Corporation Announces the Release of VSim 9

VSim 9 • Multiphysics • Electromagnetics • Self-consistent Charged Particle Simulation Software

VSim uses finite difference time domain (FDTD), particle-in-cell (PIC), finite volume, and direct-simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) methods. VSim models antennas, photonics, vacuum electronics, multipacting, sputtering, laser-plasma interactions, and much more.

With VSim 9, Tech-X extends Visual Setup, an intuitive, tree-based simulation workflow that enables boolean construction and visual selection of geometric entities. VSim 9 can import CAD objects in STEP, STL, POLY, and VTK formats. Visual Setup gives you the ability to easily define collisional plasma interaction with geometric objects and higher-order electromagnetic solvers.

VSim 9 introduces a more extensive set of reactions, rapidly modeled using the no-time-counter method. The latest version of VSim computes surface fields with even more accuracy than before. Secondary emission has been improved, and new emission diagnostics are available. An additional set of solvers for dielectrics has been developed, along with several examples demonstrating VSim’s use for studying photonic devices.

Many new analyzers, including those for S-parameter calculations and calculations of cavity figures of merit, are available in VSim 9. Over a dozen examples for microwave amplifiers, photonics, and plasma discharges have been added to illustrate more capabilities, as well as provide further starting points, for your simulations.


VSim Negative Ion Beam Image

Above: Negative Ion Beam Image from VSim for Plasma Discharges

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