Tech-X Corporation Class Program

Tech-X Corporation's Class Program allows a teaching professor the opportunity to pass along valuable computational skills to students by utilizing VSim to help teach the fundamentals of physics.

How does it work?

With the Class Program, the teaching professor must purchase or hold a currently valid license with a minimum of 2 cores and 1 or more packages of VSim while the course is being taught. At the beginning of the class, each student will receive a free 2 core license of the same packages for the duration of the course.

What is required?

We require the name, university or institution email address, Operating System (OS), and MAC address for each student to receive the software.

How will I receive the software?

All of our software is delivered by means of a digital download. The teaching professor will receive the software upon invoicing. At the start of class, an account will be set up for the students on our website where they can download their copy and stay up to date with any minor releases.

What do I get?

Depending on the package(s) purchased (Basic, Electromagnetics, Plasma Discharges, Microwave Devices, Plasma Acceleration), your software will have different features. For more information on what each of the packages includes, please visit our website.


Contact us if you have questions or want to sign up for the Tech-X Corporation Class program.


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